Hello, Indiana!

Isaac told me he’s really sad when he saw me in the hotel lobby this morning. We were about to leave for Pudong Airport. I habitually asked why and realized right away: he has the same sad look last night before being dismissed. Megan and Erin told me they cried when singing the song “Friends” together. This is surely a memorable summer for our students. First-class lounge is the benefit of flying with Jiang Laoshi. 🙂 Tyler is extremely excited about it. Students ate and rested well there.

I will share about 700 photos and videos with IUHPFL office as soon as I am back.

In just two more hours, we will land in Chicago. Hopefully we’ll have enough time to catch our next flight and not keep you wait too long. See you!



Finally, In Shanghai!

(I know, parents, it is only a few more days before you can hug your child again!)

Quite a few told me that they like Shanghai even better than Beijing. Students really enjoyed the beautiful view of the Bund and World Financial Center. They took so many pictures!

Students become closer day by day, just like sisters, brothers. When I look at their pictures, I just feel they’re the most adorable teenagers ever.


We’re In Beijing!

Our schedule in Beijing and Shanghai is fully packed. We’be been to so many places since we got off the train on Friday: Temple of Heaven, IU Gateway Office, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Great Wall. Every Place is far away from another, plus the infamous traffic of Beijing , our students spend a lot time on a bus.  They do find out ways to have fun any where, any time they can.


Goodbye, Hangzhou!

Before we left Hangzhou, Emma’s host family celebrated her birthday a week ahead of time; Will’s host family took him to see the ocean because he really wanted to; Julia showed off the handmade gift from her host sister which impressed us. All of host families sent our students to the train station and didn’t leave until we had to check in.


Host Families

At the end of our farewell show, Ashton’s host mom said to me, I don’t want Ashton to leave. I love her so much, what am I gonna do when she leaves? I saw her eyes turn red which makes me want to cry too…

We started to talk about our trip to Beijing and Shanghai. Isaac is not very excited. He asked, can I stay in Hangzhou with my host family and you guys go to Beijing, Shanghai without me?



Excursion: Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in China. It was built about 1800 years ago. Isaac told me, almost in tears, that this is the most beautiful place that he’s ever been to. 🙂

IMG_8897IMG_8898IMG_8462IMG_8482IMG_8487IMG_8496After we went back to school we worked hard for our rehearsal. During break time, they enjoyed photos of themselves that I took 🙂



More pictures from host families: Julia’s host family celebrated her birthday at home. So heart warming. Brett’s host mom shared her favorite fruit durian with him, but Brett didn’t seem to enjoy it…

We feel a lot more confident about our upcoming farewell show with more rigorous practice. 🙂

In art class, students are drawing and writing on a fan. How cool is that!IMG_8449IMG_8450IMG_8451IMG_8452IMG_8453IMG_8454IMG_8410IMG_8414IMG_8419IMG_8420IMG_8422IMG_8423IMG_8424IMG_8428

Happy Birthdays!

I’ve received more pictures from our host families. William made macaroni cheese and Julia made apple pie for their host families. I am so proud of them!

IMG_8381IMG_8402IMG_8403IMG_8404IMG_8405IMG_8406Last but not least, today we celebrated Erin and Julia’s birthday! The cake was relatively small for more than 12 of us (I am so sorry that we ate everything literally 5 seconds before Lydia arrived) but it was SO delicious! Everyone thanked our birthday girls for the cake 🙂


The rest of the week is going to be a little crazy because everyone is busy working on preparation for our farewell show on Sunday. Stay tuned.